Lincy Vertelt

Who is she?


My greatest passion is to make your life as magical as possible. That my words can help so that you can start living every day from your highest frequency in the only existing moment – now!


Why do you wonder?

Well let me tell you — if you really choose yourself, then you choose me.

What do I mean by that? And How did i come here?


After a car accident, my reality imploded so completely that there was nothing left of the woman I thought I’d known for 25 years — most of my friends, my relationship, my family, my home, my job, my view of the world, my rock-solid faith, my social standing, my income, my health, my working brain, my working body, my ego, my normal. I had to give up everything after that blow that lasted no more than 10 seconds.

What followed was a 10-year search for who I truly was beneath all those layers of trauma, fears, addictions, pain, conditioning, unconscious mechanisms and expectations — not just those imposed by societal standards but more importantly; that I had made my own.

The ‘seven dark years’ had arrived. Pitch dark sealed in an airtight box, which eventually turned out to be my body, I prepared my death. This death of 1000 deaths that turned out to be seeds. Seeds for the time to come. It was born out of desperation that I could do nothing but stop fighting and let go when the first seedlings emerged.


Through the learned tools that I made my own from the darkness within I made my new normal consisting of; shadow work, breathing exercises, mirror work, journaling, mindfulness and meditation. Alchemy – ancient mystical art of transformation of mass and matter on a spiritual and quantum physics level – Working with frequencies. 

Learning to focus on different vibrations (aka frequencies/energy), opening up my consciousness and tapping into different timelines that all exist now)


I learned my brain how to focus.

The light trickled in where before there could only be suffering.

I lost my mind and attached identities at the same time I was released from what I had unconsciously carried with me for 30 years — unconsciously creating the circle of suffering in the search for that which we all desire; freedom. Freedom within ourselves, without condemnation, without expectations.

The freedom of being with ALL the emotions that we as human beings can experience. The security within ourselves to believe that ALL we need is ourselves. But above all that we as humans were created to be everything, create everything and see everything as we are deep inside; boundless. The eye of the storm. Awareness. God.

After my first seeds have started to grow, with time a boundless garden of abundance has arisen in my cracked heart. Colors became brighter, tastes and smells became so intense that my body had to adapt to the new timeline of “being everything.” (This is a constant, this change, because change is the only constant).

Fear has ‘disappeared’ and lives together with happiness in one bundle. A copy of the universe — chaos and peace, coexisting, without judgment. A life in which you don’t need much more than the tools to stay close to yourself (your open heart), to take good care of yourself (your body, your spirit and your brain) and to believe that everything you want to believe can be your reality. to be. Creating your own world. It is possible. Using the brain to be magic.

Life will not change, but the way that it is seen.


A world that revolves around you, knowing that what’s good for you (your open heart) is good for everyone else on this planet, people, plants, animals, water, earth — because you know; we are all one.

This is all accompanied by deep personal development, getting to know and accepting yourself in every moment, learning to let go of attachment, expectation and the external search. The tools I have developed are applicable to everyone if you choose for yourself. All it takes is a deep devotion in yourself; where time no longer exists and the only intention that matters now; if you are allowed to be all that you are, then you are the goal you have always pursued.



The time is now, the purpose is you!

I have no words to describe what ‘it’ is, who you are, although some call her; source, god, enlightenment, nothingness, isness, everything – LIFE. But the energy I carry with me speaks for itself and says everything you want to know//feel — Recognition, a coming home into yourself.
That what I feel is not only for me but also for you. My open heart communicating with yours. Emerging into unity.


Why am I one of the most passionate people there is?

Well let me tell you — if you really choose yourself, then you choose me.


🌈I’m ready to BE magic